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Friday, 29 July 2016

Homemade Natural Sourdough Starter from Organic Whole Wheat

My sourdough starter using organic whole wheat flour and water
I have caught the sourdough bread bug and am in the process of cultivating and feeding my 'pet' - natural sourdough yeast made from organic whole wheat flour and water. I intend to use it to make rustic sourdough breads or what I like to call it - probiotic breads. I attempted to make my first 2 loaves with this starter last week and there was a lot of wait time as I need to let nature take it's course. But, it was really fun fiddling with the dough and making bread knowing that I have 'caught' natural wild yeast to make them

I can see that this rustic bread making journey will be a long process, filled with lots of experimenting and hopefully every experiment will turn out with nutritious, good tasting loaves, if I persist. This method will yield healthier breads that my family will benefit.

I did some reading and now still am reading, before I start this journey. There are lots of generous, passionate home based artisan bread bakers out there and their willingness to share their knowledge really help others, like me, to get started on growing our own natural starter

It is amazing how very simple ingredients such as flour, water, yeast (in this case, it is obtained from the flour and water), salt and some elbow grease (or mixer) can be transform through the process of fermentation into wonderful smelling and delicious loaves 

I was asking myself: "Why natural yeast since commercial yeast is available?" Natural yeast is healthier than commercial ones, though the latter makes bread making easier and faster. Sometimes, speed does not necessary do us good. A good read from Jamie's article on What is Natural Yeast & 3 Health Benefits No One Tells You About!

I also find Maurizio's blog and Instagram posts very helpful in visually showing how sourdough starter can be made: 7 Easy Steps to Making an Incredible Sourdough Starter From Scratch and eventually showing the bread making process. 

Thank you, guys!

Great smelling loaves

I will be trying my hands on making more sourdough breads using my cultivated starter and will update my bread experiments with my 'pet'. So exciting...lots to learn and experiment with.

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